Midwest Hawghunters

Rules & Regulations

SCORING: A team is awarded 300 points for each tournament entered plus 100 points per pound for all legal bass weighed in. At the end of the regular season, the top three total point teams will be given cash awards and plaques.

"CLASSIC" QUALIFICATION: Each team that enters at least 3 regular season tournaments will be qualified for the "Classic". The "Classic" entry fee will be: participants in all 6 regular season tournaments will pay $150 - 5 tournaments will pay $160 -- 4 tournaments - $170 and 3 tournaments - $180.

PAYBACK: Payback will be 1st and 2nd big bass (same team cannot win both) plus 1 place for every 10 boats in the tournament, with a minimum of 3 places. 64% of each purse is paid back for that tournament, 18% goes into "Classic" purse (this is in addition to your $50 membership fee), 15% for expenses, and 3% for the year end top 3 awards. The "Classic" will payback 90%, with one place paid for every 4 boats entered and 1st and 2nd big bass each day.

TEAMS USING ALTERNATES: An alternate can be used when one partner cannot fish and the other partner does not want to fish alone. A team is not allowed to have more than 3 members at a time. If two of the three team members cannot fish a tournament and a 2nd alternate is needed, the 1st alternate must be dropped from the team and that 1st alternate cannot fish on that team for the remainder of the season. If a new alternate is added for the "Classic", that alternate must be pre-approved by the tournament director.

CREEL LIMIT AND DEAD BASS PENALTY: The limit is 4 bass per boat. Culling must be done before entering the weigh in's off limit area. Please cull your bass as you fish, with no more than one extra bass in your livewell at any time. Bringing more than 4 bass to the scales will result in your stringer being culled for you, starting with your largest bass. Only largemouth, smallmouth and kentucky (spotted) bass may be weighed in. Dead bass penalty (including big bass) will be one pound per dead bass. Each team is expected to have and use a properly aerated livewell.

LENGTH LIMIT: Length limit will be the legal limit on the tournament lake. All bass will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed. The "Golden Rule" is the official board. Short bass presented for weigh in will be penalized one pound per short bass with the loss of the short bass.

LIVEWELL CHECK AND WEIGH IN PROCEDURE: Livewell check will begin 1 hour before the start of each tournament. Please have your livewells open and use only your trolling motor for power. During livewell check you will be given a boat number tag. Each team is solely responsible for placing their boat number tag on the numbered check in board at the weigh in table before the official check in time. Once you place your tag on the board, you are officially checked in and cannot be counted as late. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD AFTER THE OFFICIAL CHECK IN TIME. IF YOUR TEAM'S NUMBER IS NOT ON THE BOARD BEFORE CHECK IN TIME, YOUR TEAM IS DISQUALIFIED. NO EXCUSES! If you have fish to weigh in, you must get a plastic bag from the tournament official to transport your bass from your boat to the scales. Do not use any other bags, nets or baskets for this purpose. Always put enough water in your plastic bag to insure the survival of your bass. The weigh in officials will handle, measure, and weigh all bass. Their decisions concerning short bass and dead bass will be final.

DO'S AND DONT'S: One partner must be at least 18 years of age. Only artificial lures and pork type baits may be used. All bass must be caught on rod and reel in a sporting manner. Snagging and trolling are prohibited. Contestants must remain in their boats at all times during the tournament until they are ready to check in, at which time all fishing must cease. Contestants must leave the take-off by boat and return by boat,unless, at the discretion of the tournament director due to inclement weather and/or dangerous or unusual lake conditions, trailering of boats to other ramps on the tournament lake may be allowed. In the event of a breakdown, a team may mark their bass and transfer them to another contestant boat for transport to the weigh in. One partner must remain with their team's bass until they are weighed in. No frozen or iced fish may be weighed in. No fishing within 50 yards of another contestant's boat that is tied or anchored, within 50 yards of the weigh in site, or within 50 yards of any commercial gas dock.

TIES FOR PLACES OR BIG BASS: There will be no tie breakers. In the event of a tie, the money will be combined and split evenly.